The file is a subaddressing catchall with a “-” delimiter


This error indicates that this file is setup as a catchall for all mailaddresses like mailbox-* This kind of delimiter is no longer available in the standard mailsystem as we use the more common and more explicit +-subadressing.

If you have used this kind of subaddressing catchall heavily its probably very hard to change all the mailaddresses in the original used places. You can create a workaround to keep using those mailaddresses, even with separate handling and mailboxes etc. But it depends very much on how you use these catchall and other mailaddresses.


Fatal Error: This configuration is not working with the standard mail system and we are not able to migrate it. You need to fix it or find a workaround using the uberspace mail commands.

Workaround to keep “-” delimiter catchall

Assuming that you have a .qmail-shops-default that you want to migrate.

First you will need to setup a general catchall, therefore you create for example a mailbox named catchall-mailbox:

[isabell@stardust ~]$ uberspace mail user add catchall-mailbox
Enter a password for the mailbox:
Please confirm your password:
New mailbox created for user: 'catchall', it will be live in a few minutes...

Then you configure the catchall to forward mails to this mailbox:

[isabell@stardust ~]$ uberspace mail catchall set catchall-mailbox
Mails, which cannot be matched to a mailbox, will be sent to catchall-mailbox.

Then on the mailbox catchall-mailbox you need to configure with Sieve filters, that all mails except mails to shops-*@ will be rejected:

require ["fileinto", "reject"];
if address :matches "to" "shops-*@*" {
} else {

This example script will keep the mails in the new mailbox, but you can also use fileinto to store them in specific folders or forward them to another mailaddress with redirect.