CouchDB is a document-oriented database system. We provide binaries ready to start your own instance.

Refer to the UberLab guide for details.


This feature is quite new and still in beta. If something doesn’t work the first time you try it, please allow for some additional time for us to fix it.


Release types

We provide version 3 and apply security updates on a regular basis.

Standard version

If you don’t select a certain version, our default will be used. We decided to default to the following version:

[eliza@dolittle ~]$ uberspace tools version show couchdb
Using 'couchdb' version: 3
[eliza@dolittle ~]$

Show available versions

Use uberspace tools version list couchdb to show all selectable versions:

[eliza@dolittle ~]$ uberspace tools version list couchdb
- 3
[eliza@dolittle ~]$

Change version

Once a new version is released, you can select it using uberspace tools version use couchdb <version>:

[eliza@dolittle ~]$ uberspace tools version use couchdb 3
Selected couchdb version 3
The new configuration is adapted immediately. Minor updates will be applied automatically.
[eliza@dolittle ~]$

Update policy

We currently offer version 3 only, which is in active development. Once new versions are released, we’ll provide them.