Below you can see the 5 most recent changes to Uberspace 7. For older changes, please refer to the Changelog Archive.


Sometimes the version shown on your host may be higher than the newest version here. In this case we might have applied additional fixes shortly after a release or did internal changes without user impact. We deem updates like these hotfixes and they are not necessarily included in this changelog.

[7.15.1] - 2023-04-05

Since yesterday a little relase slipped through our fingers onto the servers, beside the final removement of PHP7.4 there are some minor additions to your Asteroids.

Because our main focus now lies on the development of the next Uberspace generation, our release cycle in U7 could evolve to a more frequent but smaller feature set. We’ll see how it all comes together in the coming period.

PHP 7.4 removal

We have now removed the outdated PHP 7.4 version from our servers. All users who reverted to version 8.0 after the deprecation period have now been permanently migrated.

MariaDB updates

The MariaDB updates we implemented within the last weeks on all hosts are finished now and all instances were updated to version 10.6.


  • mytop came with the newer MariaDB versions and is available now as an alternative to mtop

  • the nice editor ne is now available

  • kitty terminals should now work since we added the necessary terminfo mail-filters

  • we changed the backup time for mysql databases from 02:00 to 01:59. You may now fiddle out why this is a much better idea and why we had a lot of alarms for missing backups on a sunday a week and a half before ;-)

[7.15] - 2023-01-23


We now create a DKIM key for your account, which you can use with all your mail domains. You get the neccesary information for your DNS records when adding a new domain, or via the new uberspace records list command. You can check our Spam protection article for some additional information.

PHP 7.4

PHP 7.4 has reached its end of life last year. This means we will eventually remove it. And you should switch to an officially supported version as soon as possible (e.g. 8.0, 8.1 or 8.2).



  • We decided not to deprecate PHP 7.4 just yet. To detect possible problems we just switched all users still on 7.4 to version 8. You can manually change the version back with uberspace tools version use php 7.4.


  • MongoDB 4.0

  • Ruby 2.5

  • Ruby 2.6

[7.14.1] - 2022-11-29


  • In preparation for the pending deprecation of PHP 7.4 (probably in the next Uberspace release, scheduled for December), we set the PHP version for everyone running 7.4 to 8.0. Until we roll out the deprecation you can still move back manually, (i.e. to fix things and prepare for the version update).

[7.14] - 2022-11-21


  • Erlang/OTP version 25.

  • Ruby version 3.1.

  • MongoDB 6.

  • Development files for lua 5.3.

  • New tools: cmake3, gojq, gum, ldapvi, oauthtool, pdftk, s3cmd, usql.


  • We disabled the penalty system in Dovecot, which should result in faster SMTP AUTH connection times.

  • If a user service is missing a startsecs setting, we add startsecs=30, to prevent endless loops, caused by broken services.

  • rust-analyser is now part of the “user versioned tools”, meaning you can run it, without using the full path to the executeable.

  • Updated htop to 3.2.

  • The default PHP version was increased to 8.1.


  • The Rust language server rls is deprecated (but the rust-analyser is availabel).

  • Ruby 2.5 and 2.6.

  • MongoDB 4.

[7.13] - 2022-08-08


  • provide espeak

  • support for plussed mail addresses


  • various stability and performance improvements for uberspace web traffic

  • handling of mail addresses with dots using uberspace mail


  • changes to make deployments faster by not copying all let’s encrypt certs on every deployment.

  • fully removed spamdyke, in favor of haraka/rspamd

  • removed cityfan YUM repository