Uberspace 7 manual


Uberspace is a hosting platform targeted at people who want to look behind the scenes, do things we didn’t anticipate and generally prefer working with a text-based console. Our objective is to not only host the content you’d like to see on the web, but also to introduce you to Linux and basic shell usage.


If you’re looking for guides and how to install certain tools like Ghost and WordPress check out the ⚛️ Uberlab!


Latest Version: 7.11.5 (2021-10-13)


  • Added fzf.
  • Added fd.
  • Added XeTeX.
  • The pear binary for PHP is now exposed, based on your selected version.


  • We now expose envelope recipient and sender to Sieve.
  • We now grant you direct access to your PHP FPM socket at /run/php-fpm-{username}.sock (e.g. so you can use it from your own proxy).
  • We now link your userfacts (i.e. your asteroid specific settings) to ~/etc/userfacts for easier access.
  • We now link your Nginx configuration to /readonly/<username>/nginx.conf for easier access.
  • We now link your Apache httpd configuration to /readonly/<username>/httpd.conf for easier access.
  • We now show you the path to the affected log file, when you use uberspace web log ....
  • The info page for disabled accounts now shows a link to the dashboard.
  • The info page shown for unknown domains (shown when you point a domain to the host, but you missed setting it with uberspace web domain add ...), now mentions the hostname.
  • We now also show the page for an unknown domain, when a non empty path is requested (before this would result in a 404).


  • We removed NodeJS 10 (in was already deprecated in the last release).


  • In 7.11.4 we added our self compiled Python 3.9 to the $CPATH. The way we handled it added the current directory (i.e. .) too, when $CPATH was empty. That could lead to all kinds of problems when compiling and is now fixed.

For more information see the full changelog.


Sometimes the version shown on your host may be higher than the newest version here. In this case we might have applied additional fixes shortly after a release or did internal changes without user impact. We deem updates like these hotfixes and they are not necessarily included in this changelog.