Uberspace 7 manual


Uberspace is a hosting platform targeted at people who want to look behind the scenes, do things we didn’t anticipate and generally prefer working with a text-based console. Our objective is to not only host the content you’d like to see on the web, but also to introduce you to Linux and basic shell usage.


If you’re looking for guides and how to install certain tools like Ghost and WordPress check out the ⚛️ Uberlab!

Version 7.5.1 Changelog:



  • The default PHP version for new users is now 7.4 (was 7.2).
  • We allow up to 50 PHP-FPM workers (up from 10).


  • Enable lingering for user processes. This should prevent processes, that are inside the user slice but outside a session scope, from being killed, when no user sessions are active.
  • Prevent our health-check script from creating empty ~/.my.cnf files, if a user removed it. This will also prevent changed access timestamps on those files.


  • Ruby 2.4.

Released 2020-03-31.

For more information see the full changelog.