Servers don’t come cheap! While we’d love to give uberspaces away like free candy, providing servers incurs costs that must be covered. We try our best to make the platform accessible to anyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Your first month is always free, without any commitment. Afterwards you can choose if you’d like to keep your space.

Uberspace is a prepaid product with a monthly fee. This means you first top-up your virtual account with us. Month after month we deduct the price from your funds. If you don’t want your account anymore, you can cancel every month.

To learn more about how much it is and how to top-up your account, please read on.

Trial period

Uberspace is a rather versatile product. To give you a better feel for what you can do using one, your first month is always free. You do not need to enter any payment details during that time. That way you can take your new uberspace for a spin, install your app, and ask us questions.


Technically we start charging your uberspace after the first full month has passed. For example, if you sign up on the 13.02., your trial runs until the 31.03., even though that’s more than one month.

Towards the end of the trial period, we’ll inform you via email. If you’re satisfied, go ahead and top-up your account to keep it. If you are not, just don’t do anything and we’ll delete it for you. No questions asked.


On uberspace you can choose a price that fits your budget:

  • Budget (5€): You’re on a tight budget? No problem! This price covers our hardware and people cost, but does not enable us to invest a lot of money into future development.

  • Standard (10€): The price range where you’re getting a similar amount of computing resources other hosting companies. With this price you’re helping us to develop new features more quickly and to invest more time into good and qualified support people.

  • Solidary (15€): Thank you! Paying 15 € per month supports our idea that everyone should have a say on the net – including those that wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise. By choosing this price, you actively support users, who are not able to pay for the Standard or Budget option.

If none of these options sounds like a good fit for you, you are also free to choose a price that works below 5€ or above 15€ on the Accounting page.

However, the service always stays the same: We do not cut down traffic of users who aren’t able to pay a lot of money, or allocate more CPU to users who pay more than others. We also strive to answer each support request equally.


Each uberspace comes with 10GB of storage out of the box. If you need to store more data than that, head over to the Accounting page to add more storage to your space. Each increment of 10GB is 3.00€.

Payment Methods

We currently offer three types of payment. In any case, money is stored in your virtual account. As you go, we subtract your chosen price from the balance.


Please consider transferring more than a month’s worth of funds when you top-up your account. The different fees we have to pay for your payment make small payments ridiculously more expensive for us, meaning less of your money will actually reach us. If you are able to, please transfer more than 10€. You can always get your unused balance back using a refund.

SEPA Bank Transfer

If you are living within the EU or rather the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), the most common way to top-up your account is using a classic wire transfer.

Account holder: Jonas Pasche
IBAN: DE09 5535 0010 0200 0039 78
Bank name: Rheinhessen Sparkasse
Purpose: Uberspace <account name>

Enter Uberspace <account name> (e.g. Uberspace isabell) as purpose (German: “Verwendungszweck”), so we can match your transfer to your account. If you’d like to top-up multiple accounts in one go, you can specify them alongside the respective amounts (e.g. Uberspace isa 10 bella 20 for a 30€ transfer).


We never charge your bank account. All payments on your statement were initiated by you. If you notice payments that should not be there, check your bank account for a standing order (“Dauerauftrag”) and cancel it. feel free to use our refund option afterwards.


If your transfer does not show within 3 business days, don’t panic! In some cases the purpose gets mangled in transfer. Have a look at the open transfers page to manually assign the transfer to your account. If you are not able to locate your transfer in the list, contact us.

Credit Card

If you do not have a SEPA bank account, you can also pay via credit card. To top-up your account that way, sign into the web interface and navigate to the “Prepay by Credit Card” section on the Accounting page. From there, you’ll be taken to Stripe, our payment provider. We won’t see or process your credit card information.


We do not charge your credit card monthly. You need to either top up your account each month or transfer funds for more than a month, e.g. a quarter or a whole year.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay logo

To top-up your account using Apple Pay, use the “Prepay by Credit Card” feature on the Accounting page. If you’re using an iOS or macOS device, stripe will offer Apple Pay in addition to a standard credit card.

Google Pay

Google Pay logo

To top-up your account using Google Pay, use the “Prepay by Credit Card” feature on the Accounting page. On stripe’s page, select GPay.


For reasons unknown the GPay button does not always appear within the stripe interface. For best results ensure that you are logged into your Google account. If possible, use a Google browser or Android device.


If you prefer cold, hard cash, we’ve got you covered as well. Put your cash into an envelope, note your username inside and mail it to the address stated in our imprint. Once we get your letter, we’ll top-up up your account and inform you via email.


We experience very few cases of missing envelopes or cash. Nevertheless, sending money through the postal system isn’t the most reliable thing. If you suspect that your letter got lost, drop us a line and we’ll figure something out.


If you’d like to get unused balance back into your bank account, navigate to the “Refund Credit Balance” section on the Accounting page. Please note that due to money laundering laws, we can only refund money to the person that originally transferred it to us. A refund typically only takes a few days. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

What happens when you stop paying

If your account is going to run out of funds, we will:

  1. Notify you via email

  2. We’ll send out another email at the dawn of the next month and flag your account for deactivation

  3. If we don’t hear from you for two weeks after that, we will disable your account. This means your web pages will display the message This account has been disabled

  4. If your account has gone for two months without payment, we delete the stored data

We will not come after you for borrowed money, but would highly appreciate it if you restored your account balance to be positive or 0€.

Borrowing money

Once your account has been deactivated, you can reactivate it by borrowing money in the web interface. Please return the money after you transferred additional funds. We do not automatically deduct it from your balance. Also, note that you cannot borrow additional money if you already owe us.


If you’d like to delete your account permanently, navigate to the delete page in the web interface. Please contact us before deleting your account. Most of the time, we’re able to accommodate you by installing additional software or delaying an open payment.

If you do not have access to your account anymore and would like to delete it, just stop paying for it. We will delete it automatically after some time has passed.


An uberspace cannot be frozen or paused, because storage is one of our biggest cost factors. Freezing it for free, but still retaining your data would cost us money, which we then cannot invest in new hardware and cool colleagues, sorry.