To ensure smooth service for everyone, we have to intervene on individual accounts in exceptional cases. Of course, we will inform the account owner in each case and in most situations we will find a common solution.


Whenever we become aware of a problem - either through our monitoring or through one of our users - we analyze the cause and contact the account owner for feedback. The following categories define the time after which we intervene and deactivate the problematic service or, in the worst case, block the entire account.

  • Only in the absolute exception - if the operation of our servers is urgently endangered and in the case of obvious legal violations, requests by public prosecutors or massive technical impairments (hacking, spam etc.) - we block services directly and without prior consultation with you. Of course, you will still receive a notification in this case.

  • If the problem affects our servers or other users noticeably, we give you 12 hours before we intervene.

  • If the problem is less serious, we ask you to contact us within 24 hours.

  • There is the category of cosmetic bugs that still need to be fixed. In this case we give you 72 hours before we take action.

  • In the case of problems that come to our attention but do not affect the operation of the server, we will only inform you.

  • Services that don’t work and we notice will be deactivated and you will be notified.