Home Directory

Your home directory is your own, private directory on the Uberspace host. It is a directory with the same name as your user account, stored within the /home directory. So if your Uberspace account is named isabell, you home directory is /home/isabell.

What Should I Put Here?

The general rule is: Anything you don’t want anyone else to see, especially any files you don’t want to be accessible by the web server.

Default Files and Folders


The .bash_profile, .bashrc and .bash_logout files are the configuration, startup and logout scripts for the Bash Shell. .bash_profile is a script that is executed when you log in via ssh and will include .bashrc. If you want to run any commands automatically whenever you log in, add them to .bash_profile. .bash_logout is executed when you log out. After your first login, .bash_history will be added automatically and logs all you shell commands so you can re-run them later.

In many contexts, the tilde ~ can be used as a placeholder for your home directory.


Within the bin directory executables installed by custom tools or written by yourself can be stored. They can then be called like normal commands.


The etc folder is reserved for configuration files of any kind:

  • etc/certificates shows your certificate files for https.

  • etc/php.d contains your custom configuration files for your php.

  • etc/services.d contains the configuration files for your services.

  • etc/userfacts shows your userfacts where we store specific Uberspace configurations.


html is a symbolic link to your documentroot. Anything in there is accessible to the web server, and thus to the public.


A directory to store log files.


This is the mailbox for your system mail username@uber.space. By default this email address just forwards to your personal registration mail address and you dont need ~/Maildir.


We will automatically add files here when using sendmail to ratelimit the email sending.


This is your mysql settings file.


Your additional mailboxes. This folder only exists if you set up mailboxes with uberspace mail user add.


The configuration db (binary) for your mailboxes, this will be added with your first additional mailboxes and controlled by the mail system.


The .qmail file controls your username@uber.space system mailaddress and forwards mails to the registration mailaddress.


.qmail-* files (“dotqmail files”) are used to add email aliases or forwarding addresses. Instead of using those file you should use mailboxes.


Despite the historical name, this file includes scripts not only to handle incoming spam but also to use SIEVE and plussed mailaddresses etc.


The .ssh directory contains your ssh configuration.


A directory for temporary files.


The configuration file for the Z Shell.