Your first day… for Ubernauts from U6

Congratulations! You are now migrated with your old U6 account to a new Uberspace 7 server. Some differences might affect your personal uberspace, see here what has changed or will change after you have been migrated.

Web Domains

  • On U7 you will have a new short and nice default domain, independent from your current host: (where isabell is your username).

  • Your U6 domains like will no longer be available because you moved to another host and it is no longer possible to use this domain scheme even for U7 hosts.

  • You can add subdomains like to your default domain but in difference to U6, you still need to add them to your Uberspace account.

  • It is no longer possible to use wildcard subdomains, you have to add each domain like or separately.

  • You will not have to take care for HTTPS/TLS or Lets Encrypt certificates, everything is fully automated and all web connections are encrypted.

  • You will have a Tor Onion Service web address for your account.


  • According to your new default domain, you also have an adequate default email address: (where isabell is your username).

  • You will have to change the mailserver address to your new U7 host when you are using mail clients like Thunderbird. Your DNS MX must be adjusted to the new host before beeing able to login to your postbox.

  • Webmail for U7 is available at the central web address It is no longer possible to use an addressbook at this webmailer, therefore please install your own client from the Uberspace Lab.

  • Regarding spam management, DSPAM und SpamAssassin is currently not available on U7, training the spam filter with ham and spam is not possible for users yet. Check the manual page for current spam management.

  • There is no longer native support for domain namespaces, each mail user will work with every connected mail domain, to avoid this you have to create separate uberspace accounts for each domain. We documented how you can resolve namespaces migrated from U6 to U7 here.

Logging and Debugging

  • Logging is disabled by default and you have to enable different types of logs.

  • We show a generic Error 500 errorpage with some informations how to debug, you can disable this page if you like.


  • There is now a central instance for Adminer at

  • MariaDB is now our default MySQL databaes, if you have used MariaDB on U6 with an external server you will probably need to update the port in your app configs.

  • If you want to use a PostgreSQL database, you have to install it yourself following the guide in our lab.


  • If we had opened a port for your software on U6, you may not be able to get the same port again on U7. You can open random ports by your own, see opening ports.

  • We no longer support outdated software like CGI, PHP5 etc. on U7. You may be able to get these run by installing and setting them up yourself but we cannot support you with problems in doing so.

  • Instead of fiddling with your .htaccess to redirect to your listening services, you now manage this job much better using our web backends.

  • Services are now controlled and restarted by supervisord instead of the daemontools, check out the manual page to see how you can set up your services on U7.

New features

  • You can upgrade your storage and use more storage space than the default 10GB.

  • There are lots and lots of clear and simple guides in our Lab that help and inspire you to install apps on your new U7.

  • You can now set your custom web headers for all web connections.

  • Managing your uberspace on the command line is now done via our pretty uberspace commands like uberspace web domain add

  • And last but not least, this Manual is the documentation for all your Uberspace features and management. We keep it straight and clear and you can always contribute to it on Github. Issues and Pull Requests are very welcome.

Specific changes for automatically migrated hosts

In February 2021 we started to migrate all hosts automatically to U7. This process is still ongoing, you will be informed by mail before your host is migrated. Some changes apply only for accounts on theses hosts:

  • Your hostname and the IPv4 address will stay the same, but the IPv6 address will change, you can find the new address in the Dashboard.

  • Even when hostname and IPv6 address will be kept, you might have to change the MX record for your domain if you use it like mail.mydomain.tld., on U7 you will have to set it always to the hostname like

  • If you used mail namespaces on U6 your mailboxes will no longer work, please read here how to solve this.

  • If you used the external Marianna DB Server on U6, you will find a dump of your data and structure in the file ~/UBERSPACE6_marianna.sql.

  • There will be a logfile ~/UBERSPACE6_MOVE.log with output of your account migration process.

Unfinished Features

  • On U6 the Spamfilter could be trained specifically for your Uberspace, we are trying to make this feature working again on U7, but at this time the spam filters are only trained per host.

  • Because we are working on new monitoring and notification frameworks, there is currently no auto notification mail for a full quota like there had been on U6.