.NET Core



.NET scripts belong in your Home Directory, not in your DocumentRoot.

.NET is a server-side runtime implementation of CLR, the virtual machine that manages the execution of .NET programs. While .NET Core shares a subset of .NET Framework APIs, it comes with its own API that is not part of .NET Framework.


Release types

We provide .NET Core 2.2 and apply security updates on a regular basis.

Update policy

We update all versions on a regular basis. Once the support ends, the branch reaches its end of life, is no longer supported and will be removed from our servers.

Branch State Supported Until
2.2 Current No date specified

Getting started

Check out the Hello, Console App!.

Connection to webserver

In order to make your application accessable from the outside, you need to connect it to the webserver, using a web backend. Please note that your application must listen on the IP You can choose any port between 1024 and 65535.



.NET collects telemetry data by default. This can be turned off by setting the environment variable DOTNET_CLI_TELEMETRY_OPTOUT to 1.