Uberspace 7 manual


Uberspace is a hosting platform targeted at people who want to look behind the scenes, do things we didn’t anticipate and generally prefer working with a text-based console. Our objective is to not only host the content you’d like to see on the web, but also to introduce you to Linux and basic shell usage.


If you’re looking for guides and how to install certain tools like WordPress check out the ⚛️ Uberlab!


Latest Version: 7.15.2 (2023-06-05)


  • We added msmtp so you can easily switch sending mails over SMTP instead of sendmail. This will give you all the benefits of real mailboxes like DKIM signed mails.

  • NodeJS 20 is now available for you.


  • We now have a stricter mail outgoing limit for new accounts. Until the first cash top-up, you will only be able to send 5mails/60min.

  • The limit for all other outgoing mails has been set to 200mails/60min according to our houserules.

  • We now reject outgoing mails with a high spam score.


  • NodeJS 12+14 will be no longer selectable. They will be completeley removed in the end of June.

  • NodeJS 19 will soon be deprecated, please switch to the now added NodeJS 20.

  • Ruby 2.7 will soon be deprecated, please switch to newer versions.

For more information see the full changelog.


Sometimes the version shown on your host may be higher than the newest version here. In this case we might have applied additional fixes shortly after a release or did internal changes without user impact. We deem updates like these hotfixes and they are not necessarily included in this changelog.